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    Adiona Advertising is a communication company that specializes in media planning and buying. We have an eye for excellence. We actively look and listen to identify your communications need.

    The Company is fully supported by highly experienced and dedicated people in their fields, and since its inception in 1986, our company has formed very close relationships with most of the media in Indonesia.

    We are confident in our first class dedication and first class service to help your business achieve its objectives and goals.

    Adiona Advertising offers a wide range of media services such as media planning, budgeting and placement on local and national media in Indonesia. Moreover, we are able to support your company integrated marketing
    communications as well as providing below the line services such as PoP,
    Outdoor/Indoor, signage, annual report, company profiles, etc.

    With the growing needs and importance of the world Wide Web and social media, we are able to assist your business in creating the right strategy, solution and customer experience in this digital age.

    By combining both offline and online communication strategy into a single and integrated platform, we are able to accommodate your business communication needs and et your message across effectively to your target audience.

    Adiona advertising treats every client’s budget as a form of investment and recognized the importance of their investment return. We work closely with each client and tailored our service accordingly to meet their unique needs. We make sure each rupiah is invested to achieve the best form of communication to reach the target market. Our flexibility and dynamic working environment means that we are responsive to the ever changing style of your costumers lifestyles. We make sure your brand will keep up to date with your target audience and stay ahead of your customers target audience and stay ahead of your competitors.


    phone icon(021) 581 8683 - 84
    fax icon(021) 5830 2231
    mail iconinfo@adiona.co.id 
    address iconRukan Golden Green No.20,
    Jl.Panjang Kav. 1 Kedoya,
    Jakarta Barat 11520 

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